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  • I joined Jeffrey’s Chemistry Masterclass and then his regular classes, at the end of my Sec 3 year. Throughout Sec 3, I had little to no interest in Chemistry and I constantly received bad grades ranging from D7 to U because I had given up on the subject.

    However, Jeffrey’s lessons were always engaging and structured, and he went through each topic thoroughly. He constantly encouraged me to ask questions, helping me to clarify my doubts and understand the Chemistry concepts that I was uncertain of.

    Whenever I had questions during my revision, I was able to seek his help after lessons or by texting him. By linking each question back to the main concepts, I was able to understand questions more easily and they became easier over time.

    With his help, I was able to achieve an A2 in Sec 4 for my year-end exam. I am extremely grateful for his patient and engaging teaching as he helped revive my interest in Chemistry.

    - Leon Lai (Victorial School)
  • Mr Ang is a very patient and approachable teacher. He is good at helping me visualize chemical bonding and I found his notes very helpful. He also taught me skills like how to answer Chemistry open-ended questions. With only mediocre results for chemistry initially, I started improving steadily after tuition and managed to obtain an A1 for GCE O level Chemistry.

    - Shannae Chng (MGS)
  • I used to score D grades and after Chemistry tuition with Mr Ang, I scored an A1 for O-level Chemistry. Mr Ang has helped me to improve a lot! He makes Chemistry simpler to understand and easier to remember. Highly recommended!

    - Raynor Cheng (BPGHS)
  • Mr Ang has monumental patience with all of our questions and is always willing to help, even (and especially) outside of class. He seeks to also make class as entertaining and comfortable as possible, by introducing various anecdotes and acronyms to help his students understand and remember concepts better. He ensures that every student’s doubts are addressed before they leave the classroom, and that they are never put in a position to feel afraid of speaking up about their conceptual issues. The materials given are concise and specific, and state only what is necessary, which makes it a lot easier for a student to study for exams and tests.

    In short, I would highly recommend Mr Ang for all struggling to understand Chemistry.

    - Nicole Lai (SCGS IP)
  • Jeffrey’s Chemistry lessons are organised and easy to understand. He makes memorising complex Chemistry concepts easy. What I found most useful was that he showed me how certain concepts can be tested together with different topics. He exposed me to a variety of questions and this made me more prepared for the different types of questions that came out for exams.

    - Max Teow [ACS (BR)]

Programme Information

Learning at Blooms Academy takes place in a lecture-tutorial format that is used in many schools. The small class sizes at The Academy ensures that our scholars receive more individualised...

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Our courses include specially curated materials that have proven results!

These are the courses available at Blooms Academy:

O-level / IP / H2

Using tried and tested teaching methods, more than half of Mr Ang's student have scored distinctions in national exams. This programme is suitable for O-level, Integrated Programme and A-level H1...

Combined Science
Combined Science (Physics/Chemistry)

The Combined Science programme is designed from an explorative approach. Our students learn how to examine new concepts through discovering relationships between existing background knowledge...

Sec 3 English

The English Language programme at Blooms Academy aims to imbue in learners a depth in content awareness, develop linguistic skills and abilities while shaping essential values for lifelong...

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Mr Jeffrey Ang

Prior to teaching at Blooms Academy, Jeffrey was the pioneer O-levels Chemistry tutor at a renowned Chemistry tuition centre where he has personally taught over 300 students during his stint. He single-handedly set up the Secondary School programme and offered lessons to both students in the O-levels and Integrated Programmes. His students come from various schools, amongst which include Anglo Chinese School (ACS) Independent and Barker Road, Chung Cheng High School, Methodist Girls’ School (MGS), Nanyang Girls’ High (NYGH), Raffles Girls’ School (RGS), Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS) and Zhonghua Secondary.

Under his tutelage, many students scored distinctions for Chemistry in both their school and National examinations. Many students also saw vast improvements in their grades, with about 90% scoring at least a B3 for O-levels.

Mr Jeffrey Ang is a passionate tutor who had decided at a young age that he wanted to teach. He believes that teaching is not just about the subject content, but about developing the whole child. He subscribes to Confucius’ view that no one should be denied the opportunity to learn (有教无类). As such, he believes that education should be accessible to all.


在创办 Blooms Academy之前,Mr Jeffrey Ang 曾在 Making Sense 补习中心担任中学化学科的首席教师。他一手设计了其中心化学科的全套课程,并亲自授课。在他门下的超过 300 名学生来自新加坡的各个知名学府,其中包括了英华中学(自主和巴克路),中正总校,美以美女中,南洋女中,莱佛士女中,新加坡女子学校及中华中学。

在Mr Jeffrey Ang 的教导下,学生们的成绩都有了显著的进步。他们当中有许多都在会考和校內考试中取得特优的成绩,而有 90% 的 “O” 水准学生考取至少 B3 的成绩。

自幼励志当老师的Mr Jeffrey Ang,对教学充满热爱。他坚信教学不仅局限于学科的内容,全人教育才是重点。他秉持着儒家 “有教无类” 信念,敞开学习的大门,欢迎所有不同背景的学生前来求学。


Ms Brenda Soh

Ms Soh is an Ex-MOE teacher with 10 years of teaching experience in schools. She graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science from National University of Singapore and completed her Post-graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at the National Institute of Education.

Ms Soh is known for her concise explanation of new concepts and ability to relate them to real-life encounters to sustain her student’s interest in the subject matter. She also uses a variety of questioning techniques to challenge her students and help them better understand the new concepts. Her lessons include a variety of hands-on activities to instil authentic learning.

As a strong believer that every child is able to learn given the right guidance, Ms Soh works closely with her students to help them achieve their desired grades.



Mr Ivan Koh

Ivan graduated from the NUS’ Faculty of Arts and Social Science (FASS) with a degree in English Language and History. He subsequently pursued his CELTA programme offered by Cambridge University where he mastered the essentials of English language teaching. Additionally, Ivan holds an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment with a WPL accreditation.

For the last 5 years, Ivan has been teaching and tutoring English to learners of varying abilities including non-native speakers of English, adult learners and Secondary school students. His students have seen improvements in their grades and many have gone on to do well in their tertiary educations.

Mr Ivan Koh strongly believes that learning English is more than just building a strong vocabulary and knowing grammar rules well. But rather, it is a catalyst to a lifelong learning process for better communication, development and a holistic education. English forms the basis of understanding for almost all the O-level subjects, except for Mother Tongue and Third Languages. A strong grasp of the English language will ensure that students are able to master all their subjects competently and complete the exams confidently.


主修英文和历史的 Mr Ivan Koh 毕业自新加坡国立大学的文学暨社会科学院。他随后考取了剑桥大学的外语教学专业证书 (CELTA -Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) 。此外,他还持有新加坡劳动力发展局 – 成人学习学院颁发的培训与评估高级证书 (ACTA)。

在过去的五年里,Mr Ivan Koh 所教导的学生语文程度各异。当中有把英语作为二语或外语来学习的成人,还有正规学府的中学生。他们的英文水平最终都明显地被提升,让他们在高等学府能应付自如。

Mr Ivan Koh 坚信学习英文的目标不仅是增加词汇量和加强语法。学好英文应该是为了建立终生学习的桥梁,以达到有效沟通和个人发展的目的。英文是大多 “O” 水准学科的媒介语,对应考起着关键作用; 精通英文就能理解和掌握相关知识。

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