3 Ways To Get Ready For School

It’s been almost 2 months of holidays (not that we are complaining!), but you might be dreading worried about how you can go back to the usual school routine. Here are 3 ways to get yourself prepared for the new school year!


1. Prepare the things you will need

When we prepare the physical things that we will need for school, we are also preparing ourselves psychologically that school is starting soon. This can range for getting new pens, an organiser or notebook (or whatever your organise your life with), new school shoes, to labelling your books and stationery. You might also want to prepare a notebook for taking notes in school and think about how best to write these notes so that you will enjoy looking at them later on. Try Googling for “cool ways to make study notes” and be inspired!

We found this on Pinterest:


2. Prepare your body

We are about 2 weeks away from 2nd of January. If you have been sleeping late and waking up when the noonday sun is shining, then it is time to re-calibrate your biological clock. Start sleeping and waking up 30 minutes earlier every (other) day.  A study by Harvard University shows that adequate sleep not only aids in learning, but also enhances your mood, memory and motivation. You can read the article here.


3. Prepare your mind

After months of rest, you need to kickstart your brain to get back into the learning mode, to ease yourself into the new school year ahead. You may wish to start reading your textbooks leisurely (no need to memorise, just read it as you would read a storybook), or sign yourself up for revision classes or bridging classes. While we may not aim to be ahead of our peers, having a head start before the new school year will help you to understand the lessons better because it will not be the first time that you are hearing about these concepts. Many studies (too many to quote), have shown that repetition helps in retention of knowledge, but some studies also suggest that these should be spaced out. So, we are once again back to Point 2, that adequate rest in between learning will help you to learn and remember better.


So, if you have just completed your O-levels and will be studying Chemistry at A-levels, you might want to consider signing up for Bloom’s Academy JC1 Bridging Course to prepare for JC1. We have already finished running our Sec 3 Revision Classes for 2017, but you can always consider signing up for our regular classes in 2018. Blooms Academy offers classes in Chemistry (Sec 3 & 4) and English (Sec 3 only).




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