Chemistry Masterclass (Dec 2022) for Secondary/ Year 3 Students

Gary ( St Joseph’s Institution)

B4 to A1 for ‘O’ levels in 4 Months

Jialin (Catholic High School)

D7 to A2 for ‘O’ levels in 4 months

Jie Min (Clementi Town Secondary)

F9 to A2 for ‘O’ levels in 4 months

These are just some of the many inspiring cases of students who made improvements after attending Mr Ang’s chemistry classes.

This year-end holidays, let Mr Jeffrey Ang help you understand the concepts and master Chemistry! Get the boost you need to excel in chemistry!

Many of Mr Ang’s students who started out with his Revision Classes (and subsequently the weekly lessons) went on to do well in their school and ‘O’ level examinations!

In fact, ALL students who attended Mr Ang’s classes throughout the year made vast improvements and bagged distinctions in the 2019 ‘O’ level examinations. Read our testimonials here.

  • Understand Chemistry and retain information;
  • Relate concepts across topics;
  • Apply the RIGHT concepts during examinations even though you have “studied very hard”;
  • Write answers with key words/phrases your teachers are looking for.



For each session, you can expect the following:

  1. Thorough coverage of concepts (key terms/phrases are highlighted) with clear objectives;
  2. Apply concepts through specially-curated questions;
  3. Comprehensive notes and questions of varying levels of difficulty and
  4. Worked solutions for questions.

You may also consider reading Mr Ang’s guide book, “Key Guide – O-Level Chemistry” if you wish to do some self-study prior to attending our classes. The guidebook is available at all Popular Bookstores.

Key Guide – O-Level Chemistry Cover

Boost your Chemistry grade. Change the way you learn Chemistry.

Attend only topics you are not confident of.




Fees ($)

Qualitative Analysis

19th Dec

2 pm – 4.30 pm



Understand how acid-base and solubility chemistry is applied in the identification of cations and anions.

Develop a systematic approach to qualitative analysis and never have to memorise the QA tables again!
Need help in identifying topics that you /your child needs to improve on? Let Mr Ang help by scheduling a complimentary exam/test script review session. He will identify the areas needed for improvement. This can be in the form of content gaps, misconceptions, answering techniques, etc.

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    Risk-free Guarantee

    We strongly believe that our revision classes will improve your understanding of the subject. If you are not completely satisfied, we will not be satisfied.

    In the unlikely event that the revision class(es) has not benefitted you at all, you may contact us with a note describing why you are disappointed together with the lesson materials, within 2 calendar days of course completion and we will refund the course fees for that topic. No questions asked.

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