Customised Chemistry Tuition Classes for IP and IB Students

Calling All Year 3 & 4 IP/IB Chemistry Students!

Feeling frustrated because what you learn at a regular tuition centre does not correspond to school topics?

Worried about lacklustre performance in assessments due to inadequate preparation?

We know that not all private tutors give you concise topical notes, exposure to a vast question bank and worked solutions with detailed answers so having a private tutor might not provide the kind of help you desire.

Fret not, we have the solution!

Blooms Academy is pleased to offer small-group customised lessons for you. The classes would be personally conducted by ex-MOE teacher/author Mr Jeffrey Ang.

This premium service is part of our efforts to better cater to the needs of students in the International Baccalaureate/Integrated Programme.

From experience, most IP students excel in Chemistry after attending Mr Ang’s weekly classes. The customised programme is for students who prefer learning Chemistry topics according to the school’s scheme of work.

Every assessment/test/exams counts.

Take advantage of this offering specially for IP students and let Mr Ang help you with Chemistry NOW!

Students can expect the following:

  1. Smaller class size
  2. Classes covering topics closely sequenced to the school’s scheme of work
  3. Customised materials

Fees start from $420 for 4 lessons.

All students are welcome to contact us to indicate your preferred time slot. We will do our best to open up classes to suit your availability.