H2 Chemistry

Detailed. Concise. Clear explanations. Makes chemistry fun. Provides tips on approaching questions. Approachable. Patient. Responds quickly on WhatsApp.

These are what students commonly say about Mr Ang.

Join our H2 Chemistry classes to transit seamlessly from Secondary Chemistry to H2 Chemistry now! Learn A level Chemistry concepts more efficiently by building on those learnt in secondary school!

You can expect the following in our lessons:

① Coverage of essential concepts to build foundation
② Apply concepts learnt with specially curated questions with worked solutions
③ Review techniques to prepare for exams

H2 Chemistry will be personally taught by Mr Jeffrey Ang. As a school teacher, Mr Ang has set and marked exam papers at the Junior College and secondary school levels. He has insights on the common learning difficulties and misconceptions that students have. Under his experienced tutelage, his students have scored As at the GCE A-level examinations.

“It was a joy to study chemistry under the tutelage of Jeffrey, due to the mnemonics he shared to help me remember various concepts and his willingness to meet up for consultations to ensure a clear understanding of each topic.
One cannot discount the fact that his guidance extended beyond the weekly tutorial sessions in the classroom – I benefitted greatly from the topical notes provided by Jeffrey, which included specially curated keywords, tables, and exercises to help me with my answering techniques during my revision.
Jeffrey also ensured that we would be confident answering the paper under exam conditions. He went through numerous actual exam papers in detail, down to even analysing each option in a multiple choice question.
I tackled Chemistry at the A levels with confidence because of the many practices and assurances from Jeffrey’s classes. His enthusiasm and joy in teaching the subject, and his care for his students helped me to truly appreciate the relevance of Chemistry rather than see it as but another A-level subject. I recommend any student struggling with Chemistry, as did I, to invest their time in Jeffrey’s classes. You will see that much can be done with the right kind of help.”
Marcus Chua


Schedule (2024)

JC1: Sundays 12.15 pm to 2.15pm

JC2: Saturdays 12.15 pm to 2.15 pm

Year 6 IB for ACS (I): Thursdays 7.15 pm to 9.15 pm

Please contact Mr Ang at 9711 7363 for more information.