‘O’ Level / IP Chemistry (Sec 3/ 4)

We are so proud of our Class of 2019! It’s the first time in our (short) history that we achieved 100% distinctions!

Heartiest congratulations to all our students!

Using tried and tested teaching methods, more than half of Mr Ang’s students have scored distinctions in the O level chemistry exams. This programme is suitable for both O level and Integrated Programme students. The O Level / Integrated Programme Chemistry tuition classes is our most popular programme. Coupled with a support system outside of the classroom, Mr Ang ensures that learning needs of his students are well met.
Each class is capped at 12 students to ensure both personalised attention and peer-to-peer cooperative learning. We comply with Safe Management Measures issued by the Ministry of Education
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Schedule (2024):
Sec 3:  Sundays 10 AM – 12 PM
Sec 4:
Thursdays 5 PM to 7 PM
Saturdays 10 AM to 12 PM

Risk-free Guarantee:

Not ready to commit? Attend a complimentary trial lesson. If you decide that the lessons are not for you, kindly return us the lesson materials and walk away.
No questions asked.

For inquiries, please contact Jeffrey @ 97117363 or through our website.


1. How are the lessons structured? How does this benefit the student?

Lessons are conducted in Lecture/ Tutorial style.
Students and parents often comment that it is difficult for students to ‘apply’ concepts learnt when answering test and examination questions and this often results in lacklustre performance, despite having ‘studied very hard’.

In our lessons, the sub-topics are sequenced very carefully. At the end of a sub-topic, appropriate examples and specially-selected questions are provided to expose the students to the context that concept(s) may be tested. This reinforces understanding.

On top of that, important terms and phrases are highlighted in the notes to aid students in examination preparation.

This approach allows the student to 1) reinforce and strengthen understanding; 2) develop important examination skills; 3) correct misconceptions immediately and 4) bridge the ‘application’ gap.

2. Do you give homework?

Yes. Homework will be given, where appropriate, so that students can have sufficient opportunities to apply the concepts learnt in the programme. At the same time, lesson time can be utilised more effectively for learning.

3. Is the program suitable for Integrated Programme (IP) students?

Yes. In fact, Mr Ang’s classes has helped many IP students. The chemistry curriculum for most IP schools follow the ‘O’ Level chemistry syllabus very closely, with the inclusion of some A-level concepts. The Chemistry concepts taught in this programme are very identical to what is taught in schools. Students can feel free to approach Mr Ang to clarify doubts for portions where there are differences. Mr Ang’s experience in teaching A-level Chemistry makes him well-positioned to teach Chemistry to IP students.

4. Is the program suitable for Combined Science (Physics / Chemistry or Biology/Chemistry) students?

Yes. The rigour of the programme will allow combined science students to have a deeper conceptual understanding of the syllabus content and thus do well for the Chemistry section of the paper.
For combined science students aspiring to read Chemistry at the Junior College level, attending the lessons for topics such as Electrochemistry, Macromolecules (which are not in the Combined Science Syllabus) would ensure that they are as well prepared as their counterparts who read Pure Chemistry in Secondary School.

5. What do I do if I miss a lesson?

Students who are unable to attend lesson for their allocated time slot are to arrange with Mr Ang to attend a make-up lesson within the same week.

6. What options are available for students who missed earlier topics?

Revision classes for selected topics are conducted during each school holidays. Students are welcome to sign up for these classes to catch up on the topics missed. Alternatively, the student may purchase the materials for the respective topics and arrange for consultation with Mr Ang to clarify doubts. Recorded lessons are also available for reference.

7. What topics are covered in Sec 3 & 4?

Please call to enquire.

8. What do your past students have to say about you?
Please refer to the Accolades section.

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