Teaching Philosophy

Blooms Academy was conceptualised in 2017 because its founder, Mr Jeffrey Ang, saw the importance of developing the whole child.

Mr Ang is an ex-MOE teacher with more than 15 years of teaching and tutoring experience. After reading chemistry at the National University of Singapore (NUS) on the MOE Teaching Award, he went on to complete his Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at the National Institute of Education. He subsequently taught at the junior college and secondary school levels.

Mr Ang specialises in O-level Chemistry and has seen most of his students scoring distinction for the subject. However, in the course of his teaching, he realised that a handful of students would score well only for Chemistry and that some students would choose to give up on other subjects that they were not interested in. Thus, Mr Ang saw the need to develop students’ interest in learning and this could be done if they are motivated through better results.

Blooms Academy offers classes in Chemistry and English. These subjects are complementary and offer students a good foundation in learning and coping with the O-levels examinations and beyond. There are also plans to offer classes in Mathematics and other science subjects when suitably-qualified tutors are recruited.

The focus of Blooms Academy is thus to develop the whole child and prepare students for the future through honing cognitive abilities that are in line with 21st Century Competencies. Blooms Academy’s teaching philosophy is inspired by Howard Gardner’s 5 Minds for the Future:

The Disciplinary Mind — Students at Blooms Academy will have mastery of major schools of thought, including Science, Mathematics and English. We believe that mastery in these subjects forms the foundation for our students to do well in other arenas. Blooms Scholars who attain achievements in other domains and for their talents will be recognised by the Academy.

The Synthesizing Mind — Blooms Academy develops our scholars’ ability to integrate ideas from different disciplines or spheres into a coherent whole such that learning for a subject supports the overall development of the mind and learning for all subjects.

The Creating Mind — With the capacity to uncover and clarify new problems, questions, and phenomena, Blooms Scholars will be able to apply learnt concepts to challenging questions of a different context.

The Respectful Mind — Learning at Blooms Academy takes place in a small group so that students develop an awareness of and appreciation for differences among human beings and human groups. Cooperative learning takes place in our classrooms and learning is thus multiplied.

The Ethical Mind — Blooms Academy believes that the fulfillment of one’s responsibilities as a student and as a citizen is important in developing servant leaders of the 21st Century. We model this through participation in community activities and also through our Financial Assistance Schemes for needy students. We believe that no child should be denied of academic support because of financial constraints. Please speak to us if you are in this situation.

Mr Jeffrey Ang创立Blooms Academy的动力源自他”全人教育”的教育理念。
Mr Jeffrey Ang是一名拥有15年教学经验的资深老师,曾是教育部的正规教员。他在教育部的资助下完成了新加坡国立大学的本科学位,之后考获国立教育学院的教师资格。他曾任教于本地的公立学府。
Mr Jeffrey Ang曾在初级学院和中学担任化学老师。他大多数的学生都能在O水准化学考试中考获优等的成绩。但是,这当中的许多学生却放弃了其它不感兴趣的科目,让他叹息不已。他想,如果能够维持学生对学习的兴趣,他们的整体表现会更加优异。要做到这点,就必须调整学习进度,确保学生在每个进度中交出漂亮的成绩单。有了成就感,他们对学习才会抱有憧憬。
目前,Blooms Academy专提供中学化学科和英文科补习课程。这两种科目相辅相成,能为学生奠定学习基础,应付O水准之后的学习挑战。我们目前正在征聘合格的老师,希望能在数理科方面给我们的学生更多辅助。
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2 綜合思維
3 创造思维
4 尊重精神
5 道德思维