Programme Information

Learning at Blooms Academy takes place in a lecture-tutorial format that is used in many schools. The small class sizes at The Academy ensures that our scholars receive more individualised attention and makes it easier for them to ask questions and clarify their doubts in class.

The programme for each subject is carefully structured to optimise learning and understanding. Each topic is sequenced to transit seamlessly to the next, such that scholars see how each concept fits into the big picture. Our scholars will be given appropriate questions to expose them to the context in which concept(s) may be tested. This reinforces their understanding and application of concepts. On top of that, specially curated questions help our scholars to develop important examination skills, ensuring that they are stretched suitably and exposed to different types of questions.

We understand that our scholars have demanding academic and co-curricular schedules. Therefore, the same lesson is repeated throughout the week. Scholars may choose to attend a make-up lesson any time throughout the week.

Each lesson lasts for a 2-hour period. The Academy aims to provide quality education at a reasonable rate. Payment for each block of 4 lessons should be made before the lesson commences and can be made in either Cash or Cheque. All cheques should be made payable to Blooms Academy Pte Ltd.

As we believe that no child should be denied of academic support because of financial constraints. Please speak to us if you are in this situation.

Risk-free Guarantee:

Not ready to commit? Attend a complimentary trial lesson. If you decide that the lessons are not for you, kindly return us the lesson materials and walk away.
No questions asked.

Talk to us now.

Referral Scheme

Help your friends! Refer them to our classes. If your friend signs up for the weekly regular classes, you will be entitled to a $50 referral fee.

我们的授课方式与许多学校的做法一致; 主要以讲堂课兼辅导课的方式進行。不过,我们的优势在于小班制教学,能照顾到每个学生的需要,让他们在课上能自在地发问以解惑。



我们的每堂课时长两小时。每次收费则是以8堂课合计,必须在开课前付清。我们接受现金或支票。如果使用支票,收款方请注明 “Blooms Academy Pte Ltd“。


与朋友分享你在 Blooms Academy 的学习体验,让他们也受益!


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