Combined Science (Physics/Chemistry)

Combined Science

The Combined Science programme is designed from an explorative approach. Our students learn how to examine new concepts through discovering relationships between existing background knowledge and unfamiliar content.

Lessons are delivered in an effective manner that promotes engagement and develops curiosity.

Our in-house materials are regularly updated to align with the latest MOE syllabus.

Through exploratory activities and the use of various teaching aids, our students are better able to understand and retain the concepts taught.

We approach each topic in 3 phases:

Phase 1 – Building a strong foundation. Lessons are conducted in a lecture style using the in-house materials provided.

Phase 2 – Exploring new concepts. This is an open-ended phase, which may include conducting an experiment, discussion on application of concepts, busting a myth, etc. to ensure that students fully understand the content.

Phase 3 – Application of new concepts. Teacher will guide students through a series of curated questions to ensure students are familiar with the examination and its requirements.

The Science (Physics/Chemistry) programme is conducted by Ms Brenda Soh. Find out more about her here. Students have the option of signing up for the Physics and/Or Chemistry component.


Physics: $280 for 4 lessons (1.5 hrs)

Chemistry: $280 for 4 lessons (1.5 hrs)

Sign up for both components at $520 for 4 lessons.

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