Sec 3 English

The English Language programme at Blooms Academy aims to imbue in learners a depth in content awareness, develop linguistic skills and abilities while shaping essential values for lifelong learning in preparation for the O levels English examination.

This is done through a 3-pronged approach of:

A) Understanding the learners and tapping into their intrinsic motivators for learning,
B) Having adept, nurturing educators for teaching and
C) Employing a synergy of proven pedagogy and technology to ensure a meaningful, beneficial learning experience.

The programme is broken into 4 phases for a structured learning process, thereby ensuring that while there might be learners of varying abilities, the course work done, skills and strategies acquired and values developed would help to bring each learner up to speed and help them to produce their personal best in the exams.

Phase 1 – Structure
Just as a building needs a strong foundation and structure, likewise, learners in English must have the correct foundations to build their English language on. This phase will include activities that will spark learners interest in English while providing the teachers with opportunities to diagnose students’ weaknesses and vulnerabilities to help them. Teachers will also help students approach topics and questions by using various methods, tips and strategies.

Phase 2 – Strengthen
Once the fundamentals are ready, it is time to strengthen by building up their abilities and content together with confidence. The students will be exposed to a myriad of exam questions to allow them to practise what they’ve learnt earlier. While this is happening, emphasis will also be placed on rectifying weaknesses.

Phase 3 – Shape
With the fundamentals readied and steadied, the learners will go through the phase of shaping by gaining an increased exposure to content through interactive activities to prepare them for various possibilities of questions. During this phase, learners will also have sessions where they will be coached individually to address any concerns that the teachers may identify as issues.

Phase 4 – Strike
With the content, skills and right attitudes built up over the past 8.5 months, the final month will see the learners hone and practice for the exams intensively. This will build up their confidence and competency to peak in time for the actual exams. During this final phase, the learners are able to seek help freely whenever they need clarification or answers.

Learners can expect lessons to be more than just the usual drill and practise sessions. There’ll be moments of interesting, interactive and innovative activities such as podcasting, debates, documentaries, recitals and even drama to put English into actual real world use. This will be in addition to providing lectures on materials to build depth of knowledge and content.

Students will also be engaged in actual practise and drill sessions to prepare for exams with the lecturer spending time providing tips, strategies and techniques on approaching the different topics and questions. There will also be opportunities for one to one consultations to help identify students’ issues and vulnerabilities, while providing tips on helping them

Unique features of the programme:

– Holistic English development program
– Activities that use English in a real world context
– Design of grammar practice and work in piecemeal formats of varying complexity
– Culturally relevant and current topics of content
– Exam assessments aligned to MOE syllabus
– Consistent practises to emphasise formats and expectations while increasing exposure to content
– Technology assisted learning
– Professional, caring and skilled educators

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