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Jeffrey Ang Chemistry tutor

Prior to teaching at Blooms Academy, Mr Jeffrey Ang was the pioneer O-levels Chemistry tutor at a renowned chemistry tuition centre where he has personally taught over 300 students during his stint. He single-handedly set up the Secondary School programme and offered chemistry lessons to both students in the O-levels and Integrated Programmes (IP). His students come from various schools, amongst which include Anglo Chinese School (ACS) Independent and Barker Road, Chung Cheng High School, Methodist Girls’ School (MGS), Nanyang Girls’ High (NYGH), Raffles Girls’ School (RGS), Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS) and Zhonghua Secondary.

Under his tutelage, many students scored distinctions for Chemistry in both their school and National examinations. Many students also saw vast improvements in their grades, with about 90% scoring at least a B3 for O levels.

Mr Ang is a passionate tutor who had decided at a young age that he wanted to teach. He believes that teaching is not just about the subject content, but about developing the whole child. He subscribes to Confucius’ view that no one should be denied the opportunity to learn (有教无类). As such, he believes that education should be accessible to all.

在创办 Blooms Academy之前,Mr Jeffrey Ang 曾在 一所知名的化学补习中心担任中学化学科的首席教师。他一手设计了其中心化学科的全套课程,并亲自授课。在他门下的超过 300 名学生来自新加坡的各个知名学府,其中包括了英华中学(自主和巴克路),中正总校,美以美女中,南洋女中,莱佛士女中,新加坡女子学校及中华中学。

在Mr Jeffrey Ang 的教导下,学生们的成绩都有了显著的进步。他们当中有许多都在会考和校內考试中取得特优的成绩,而有 90% 的 “O” 水准学生考取至少 B3 的成绩。

自幼励志当老师的Mr Jeffrey Ang,对教学充满热爱。他坚信教学不仅局限于学科的内容,全人教育才是重点。他秉持着儒家 “有教无类” 信念,敞开学习的大门,欢迎所有不同背景的学生前来求学。

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