Read our testimonials to find out why so many students and parents think that Mr Jeffrey Ang is a good Chemistry tutor!

Good chemistry teacher - Mr Jeffrey Ang

Alicia (ACJC)

Being tutored by Mr Ang has been nothing but a blessing to me. Having been under his tutelage since I took my ‘O’ levels, he has never once turned me down and always goes the extra mile to help his students understand challenging chemistry concepts. In addition to his patience and guidance, the tremendous effort that goes into the preparation of his lesson materials and notes is testament to the boundless dedication he has towards giving the best for his students. Not only is he an amazing teacher, but he also cares deeply for his students, and indulges in student welfare to keep our spirits up during the arduous months leading up to the A levels.

Zi Xuan (CJC)

Mr Ang is an extremely thoughtful and hardworking teacher that not only takes great care in students understanding of the subject but also in our welfare. Providing small surprises along the way, he manages to lift our spirits and urges us to keep pressing on. His care and concern surpass superficial aspects as can be seen in how he is always willing to say back even after a 3-hour lesson to address any queries that we have or even go through particular questions again just so we fully understand and leave the lesson every week with no doubts. His down-to-earth and honest attitude towards teaching is remarkable that students and parents are grateful for. Always one to improve himself, he never fails to constantly gather feedback from students and even prepare propose different teaching styles or formats of notes. Nearing exams, he would request students to list out topics that they are insecure in to go through them again, refresh our memories, making lessons targeted and specialised to our needs. I have known him since secondary school where he brought my chemistry from a F to B 😊 100% would recommend! No regrets! 😊

Leon (Victorial School)

I joined Jeffrey’s Chemistry Masterclass and then his regular classes, at the end of my Sec 3 year. Throughout Sec 3, I had little to no interest in Chemistry and I constantly received bad grades ranging from D7 to U because I had given up on the subject.
However, Jeffrey’s lessons were always engaging and structured, and he went through each topic thoroughly. He constantly encouraged me to ask questions, helping me to clarify my doubts and understand the Chemistry concepts that I was uncertain of.
Whenever I had questions during my revision, I was able to seek his help after lessons or by texting him. By linking each question back to the main concepts, I was able to understand questions more easily and they became easier over time.
With his help, I was able to achieve an A2 in Sec 4 for my year-end exam. I am extremely grateful for his patient and engaging teaching as he helped revive my interest in Chemistry.

Wan Xin (River Valley High School)

Mr Ang is an extremely caring, patient, and dedicated teacher who always ensures that we understand the concepts taught clearly and gives us useful advice on exam and revision techniques to help us tackle our examination with confidence. Not only that, he is always willing to stay back after lessons to patiently answer any doubts we have and sometimes also extend lesson hours to ensure that he has covered the required content and makes sure that we understand everything. His notes and summary booklets are extremely useful for revision as it covers the key ideas and concepts from each topic. He also never fails to reply my queries on WhatsApp even though it is extremely late at night. Nearing the examination, he gathers feedbacks on topics we are unsure of so that he can structure his lessons to target these specific topics to better prepare us for A levels. I have been in Mr Ang’s class for 4 years since secondary 3 and I am very grateful for his efforts and passion for teaching. Thanks to Mr Ang, my chemistry has improved tremendously, and I also found chemistry manageable and fun to learn as I look forward to every lesson! I highly recommend joining Mr Ang class 😊 Thank you so much!

Xylia Wong (Cedar Girls’ ) 

Mr Ang is very approachable, friendly, and caring such that I do not hesitate to ask questions when in doubt. Even outside of class time, he replies questions online very quickly with clear explanations and always ensures that I understand them. He also gives many useful exams and studying techniques and advice to ensure that we can study efficiently and take our examinations with confidence. Thanks to Mr Ang, I have come to love learning more in chemistry as well as improve my results!

Shaunn [ACS (BR)]

Mr Ang is a very compassionate and passionate teacher who cares for every student in his class. His kindness and joyfulness keeps the class interested and intrigued. He is willing to clock in extra hours and provide additional help after class to make sure his students understand the concepts. To me, Mr Ang is not just a tuition teacher but also a mentor whom I can seek advice for any problem that I face in my life. It is truly an honour to be his student! 😊

Alicia Tan (Methodist Girls’ School)

After attending classes at Blooms Academy, I was able to grasp the chemistry concepts much faster as a clearer picture was being painted for me as opposed to the unclear explanations in school. Mr Ang’s explanations are also very clear and he uses interesting analogies and acronyms to help us remember our concepts. This allowed me to polish my skills and put them to good use and put them to practice, which definitely played a pivotal role in my improvement in chemistry.

Claire (CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent)

Mr Ang is a very dedicated teacher who puts his heart into teaching. He provides useful notes and practices that are helpful for the mastery of difficult Chemistry topics. He is extremely friendly, kind and caring, and does not hesitate to help those in need. He is also very encouraging and does his best to make lessons interesting. 11/10 Sodium (chemi)cool 😊

Darryl [ACS(I)]

I am indebted to Mr Ang for the past year, as he re-ignited my passion for Chemistry and strongly encouraged me to pursue it in the future. Not only are his lessons engaging and fun, they also helped me to consolidate my foundation in Chemistry. Mr Ang’s consultations has helped me solve many difficult questions, where the study tips he provided greatly aided me in the study of other subjects as well. Overall, Mr Ang’s lessons have enabled me to achieve better results in my studies.

Gary (SJI)

A very approachable teacher who never hesitates to help his students. A lot of effort is put into ensuring quality teaching materials provided.

Jonathan [ACS(BR)]

Mr Ang has been a marvellous teacher who never fails to bring joy to the class. His enthusiasm and dedication can be seen in the comprehensive notes and lessons, which has allowed me to make significant improvements in Chemistry. I am truly grateful for all that he has done, and I would personally like to thank him for helping me pass Chemistry, with it being the best science subject I have scored for. Thanks Mr Ang!

Jobie (Zhong Hua Secondary)

Mr Ang’s lessons are all fun and enjoyable, while also being easy to follow through. As an individual with poor memory, I found the acronyms he taught extremely easy to remember, and especially useful during exams. The variety of content and practice provided was more than enough in helping me learn, which greatly aided me in my tests and exams. Mr Ang’s friendliness and approachability has allowed me to comfortably seek clarification of my doubts, be it online or in real life!

Jia En (Edgefield Secondary)

Mr Ang is a friendly teacher who is easy to approach. He tries his best to explain concepts, using fun methods to help us remember certain content points. These made learning Chemistry a lot easier and has helped me regain my interest for this subject!

Li Juan (Gan Eng Seng School)

Mr Ang’s guidance has enabled me to have greater confidence in my ability to answer questions, as well as scoring high marks that I never thought was possible. The materials he prepared are comprehensive and easily understood, which helped me greatly in my exam revision. His lesson is enjoyable and interesting, and his friendliness enabled me to approach him easily to ask questions after class.

Zi Yang (SJI)

Enriching and enjoyable lessons, Mr Ang’s creative use of humour has enabled his students to remember concepts better. He cares for every student’s well-being, not just in the subject he teaches. He will go to great lengths to ensure that his students succeed in other aspects of life as well😊

Chan Huishan (SCGS):

I joined Mr Ang‘s class in Secondary Four. Mr Ang was very helpful in clearing any doubts that we had about certain chemistry concepts and the quality of the notes provided were very good with some additional information provided that reinforces concepts. Furthermore, there was strong support out of class as well as we could approach him if there were any questions we were confused about while completing assessments and the Ten year series as well.

Chong Wei Xuan (SCGS IP):

Mr Ang gives out quality organised notes along with practice questions that have allowed me to consolidate my learning. The lessons are enriching and Mr Ang is more than willing to help whenever desired, even during the holidays! He has been of utmost help to me and has helped boost my chemistry grades!

Denise Ang (TKGS):

Jeffrey has made learning Chemistry simpler by teaching us various techniques for memorising facts and chemistry terms. This is especially so for Organic Chemistry, where there is so much content to memorise! The additional practice questions that he gave us after each topic allowed us to strengthen our understanding of the content and trained us to apply the concepts we have learnt.

Divya (Tanjong Katong Secondary School):

A great teacher that gave me the confidence to study Chemistry and continue persevering although I was on the brink of giving up.

Faith Han (Methodist Girls’ School)

I’m blessed to be taught by Jeffrey who is an experienced and effective Chemistry tutor. He provided good notes and guided me in applying concepts and tackling the open-ended questions with comprehensive answers that contained the important key words. Thanks to you for my tremendous improvements.

Guo Kaiyuan (SCSS):

During Mr Ang’s lessons, he summarises Chemistry topics and gave many useful notes that aided me in my revision. By relating to real life examples and linking different topics together, I was able to better understand Chemistry. Mr Ang’s Chemistry tuition helped me to obtain an A1 in the O levels. Thank you very much, Mr Ang!

Gwen Tan (SCGS):

The lessons cleared many of my doubts and I learnt many problem-solving tips which helped me answer the questions with ease! if I had any questions during or after lessons, Mr Ang would be very willing to help me! He is also v engaging and lessons are v fun yet enriching!

Hong Han (Catholic High School)

Mr Ang is succinct in his teaching which makes revision for exams easier. He uses real life examples that links chemistry back to life, which makes lessons more interesting as well.

Jessalyn (Cedar Girls’ School)

Mr Ang was a really dedicated teacher who has made Chemistry so much more interesting and digestible, such that I now enjoy doing Chemistry! He also never fails to clarify my doubts and answer my questions, be it after class or on the phone.

Jian Wei (Dunman High School)

When I came in my grade was beyond saving. But under Mr Ang’s guidance, it improved steadily. He was always well-prepared for every lesson and makes it a point to cater to the need of every student.

Kenneth Sim (SAJC)

Jeffrey is a highly dedicated and passionate Chemistry teacher. He possesses great knowledge in the subject. He is able to simplify complex concepts and problems, ensuring that his explanations and solutions are clear and easy to understand.
Furthermore, Jeffrey is a caring teacher who constantly motivated me and reassured that I could do well, giving me the confidence to succeed. I highly recommend Jeffrey as a teacher who is able to change the approach the student takes towards the subject and improve the score.

Marcus (Temasek JC)

Mr Ang’s guidance extended beyond the weekly tutorial sessions in the classroom – I benefitted greatly from the topical notes which effectively curated keywords, tables, and exercises to help me with my answering techniques during my own revision. By going through numerous exam papers in detail, I also felt more exam-ready and confident. His joy alone in teaching the subject with care and enthusiasm was enough to help me truly appreciate the science rather than see it as but another subject in my A level stint. I recommend any student struggling with this subject, as did I, to invest their time in his tutelage, and see that much can be done with the right kind of help.

Max Teow [ACS (BR)]:

Jeffrey’s Chemistry lessons are organised and easy to understand. He makes memorising complex Chemistry concepts easy. What I found most useful was that he showed me how certain concepts can be tested together with different topics. He exposed me to a variety of questions and this made me more prepared for the different types of questions that came out for exams.

Nicole Lai (SCGS IP):

Mr Ang has monumental patience with all of our questions and is always willing to help, even (and especially) outside of class. He seeks to also make class as entertaining and comfortable as possible, by introducing various anecdotes and acronyms to help his students understand and remember concepts better. He ensures that every student’s doubts are addressed before they leave the classroom, and that they are never put in a position to feel afraid of speaking up about their conceptual issues. The materials given are concise and specific, and state only what is necessary, which makes it a lot easier for a student to study for exams and tests.
In short, I would highly recommend Mr Ang for all struggling to understand Chemistry.

Natalie (Methodist Girls’ School)

Mr Ang is a very dedicated and encouraging teacher. His lessons are clear, and he provides a great variety of question types and a lot of practice. Thanks for being a nice tuition teacher. My chemistry improved a lot and you are really dedicated like 24/7 replying my messages.

Nikki (CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School)

I used to always procrastinate when it comes to revision, but after joining this tuition, I became more motivated to study and do well! Mr Ang is a really encouraging teacher who gives very good tips, whether it is in the aspect of time management or study routines.

Most importantly, regardless of our results, he never gives up on us!

Raynor Cheng (BPGHS):

I used to score D grades and after Chemistry tuition with Mr Ang, I scored an A1 for O-level Chemistry. Mr Ang has helped me to improve a lot! He makes Chemistry simpler to understand and easier to remember. Highly recommended!

Shannae Chng (MGS):

Mr Ang is a very patient and approachable teacher. He is good at helping me visualize chemical bonding and I found his notes very helpful. He also taught me skills like how to answer Chemistry open-ended questions. With only mediocre results for chemistry initially, I started improving steadily after tuition and managed to obtain an A1 for GCE O level Chemistry.

Tracy (Ngee Ann Sec)

Before I joined Jeffrey’s class, I had some problems understanding the concepts taught in school. I also had a hard time applying chemistry concepts onto paper and had many questions.

The lesson is very organised and very concise and clear notes will be given during class. Jeffrey also gives students acronyms and creative ideas to memorise some otherwise tough concepts easily which has really improved my aptitude in chemistry. One thing I appreciate is that whenever I ask Jeffrey a question on Whatsapp, he will answer almost immediately without fail and his answers are more detailed than my school teachers! He is a very dedicated teacher and my only regret is that I didn’t join the class earlier.

Wilfred (Anglican High School)

Mr Ang is a dedicated, patient teacher who is willing to go an extra mile to help his students. He was also very willing to teach me some out-of-syllabus concepts which greatly helped me in my preparation for the Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad. I am very grateful to have met such an awesome tutor who pushes me to do my best!

Zen (Anglo-Chinese School (Independent))

A dedicated and passionate teacher, Mr Ang always makes lessons enjoyable. He comes up with creative examples which makes lessons entertaining and creates notes that were useful and reliable in addressing my doubts.

Zi Yi (Cheung Cheng High School (Yishun))

Mr Ang is very clear in his explanations of chemistry concepts and it aids me in understanding them well. He has been a great help since I joined the centre and I have nothing but gratitude for him. My results were certainly undesirable until I started attending his lessons. Even then, he never hesitates to answer any of my queries, which really helped me grasp concepts better.